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The DIY Remodeling!

The DIY Remodeling!

The DIY Remodeling!

The DIY Remodeling!

The DIY Remodeling!


Before launching into any kind of DIY, there are basic things you need to know so you will not be trapped along the line. I think a little introduction will do for those that don’t really know what DIY is. It is a process of fixing and putting things in order at home by yourself without involving the help of any professional. We have listed below some tips that can help you as you launch into the remodeling.


Always Have A Plan

The first thing to do is to have a plan, then put it down in a paper, boldly written. It is good to be boldly written so you can easily read it and get the message without wasting much time.

With this plan at hand, you will be able to put together the tools that you would be needing for the remodeling together with the materials. Immediately this is achieved, you can now compare prices from different stores that deal on the same tool.

You will need to present a photocopy of your plans and materials needed for the remodeling job to the inspectors for inspection.


Get Permits Before You Commence


A building permit is one thing that can never over-emphasized when it comes to restructuring your home. So it is necessary you obtain all the permits that would be needed from legalized authorities before you commence the remodeling process.


Tools and Materials You Cannot Do Without In The DIY Remodeling


It is necessary to show door and wall locations on the floor with the use of masking tape. Making it big ensure readability.


The Process Of Repairing Mobile Home Floor


If there is any covering on the floor, first of all, remove it. Carpet can be easily removed and be reused after but if it is something like tile, it would not be fit to be used again.


With pencil mark all the places that are damaged, trying as much as you can to get the floor joists. The screws or nails used in building the Mobile Home Floor can assist in helping you discover the floor joists.


General Materials


Lumber: This is a type of wood which had been turned into planks. It is for window and door case molding.


Plywood/Sheet Goods: This is a kind of board that has more than one layer joined together. If the area is wet then there is need to use the one that is water-resistant. This reduces the possibility of the wood breaking when nailed at the edge.


Fasteners: This is used to join two objects together. These are mainly used to join two objects that you wish to separate latter without damaging the surface. In other words, it is for non-permanent joining.


Adhesives: This is used to fasten an object to a surface. This can be used together with cement and glue.


Miscellaneous: This includes step ladders, paint, wall covering and others.


Hand Tools: These include screwdrivers, claw hammer, and many more others.


Power Tools: These include electric sander and sandpaper, router and cutting bits, and so many others. These are the basic Tools Around The House and materials needed before launching into DIY Remodeling but to embark on complete remodel project, there is need to have a complete guide with step-by-step plans together with videos that will guide fully into the process. It is necessary to get them complete so that once the inspectors go through your plan and list of materials, they will approve it without much waste of time.



Because of the way mobile home is built, the floor is always the major issue being encountered. The problem is that sawdust is the main component they are using for it and when it gets wet, it will start to break apart. It is always worst when the building begins to get old.

To carry out Mobile Home Floor repair, the following tools and materials are needed:

Circular Saw: This is a tool used for cutting woods, plastic and metals

Pry Bar: This can also be called crowbar or pinch bars. It is mainly used for removing nails.

Hammer and Nails: These are of different shapes and sizes, with different unique duties. The most common is #8

Screw Gun:
This is used for drilling screws into a surface.

Plywood: This forms the base of the Mobile Home.

How the floor is will determine the thickness of the plywood to be used.